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Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache before visiting Fairmount Dental Center in Salem OR 97302-4310 Extraction is done to remove a tooth that has been affected by trauma or crowding. The procedure is simple enough. If a client comes to our clinic for extraction, our dentist will numb the area to lessen discomfort. The procedure is performed, then you will be advised about the post-extraction regimen. If you want to get your tooth extracted, you may visit our office Fairmount Dental Center to consult our dentist.

A Common Cause of Extraction: Crowded Teeth

Our dentist can recommend tooth extractions to have you ready for orthodontia. The procedure allows your teeth to realign properly. Usually, this procedure is recommended if your teeth are too large for your mouth. Similarly, sometimes a new tooth doesn’t come out easily from the gum as the mouth does not have enough space. Then, our dentist will recommend the same procedure.

A Common Cause of Extraction: Infection

Sometimes tooth decay can go all the way to the pulp, which is at the center of the tooth. This could be due to a bacterial infection. Our dentist can help you with that through root canal therapy (RCT). However, sometimes RCTs don’t help. That’s when extraction comes in.

Expectations from Tooth Extraction

Before our dentists perform extractions, local anesthesia is used to numb the area. Sometimes our dentists will use strong anesthesia, which lets you sleep throughout the procedure. Our dentist will remove a bit of the gum and bone tissue to remove the tooth gently. During the procedure, a blood clot may form. To deal with this, our dentist will put a gauze pad in your mouth to prevent bleeding.

Important Points to Tell Your Doctor

Before you get your tooth extracted, you should let our dentist know about any damaged heart valves or congenital heart defects. Patients with an impaired circulatory system and liver disease should also let us know to prevent any infection during the procedure.

Types of Extraction

Our dentists will suggest either dental extraction or surgical extraction. This will depend on the amount of damage to your tooth. Dental extractions are performed on visible teeth, whereas surgical extractions are performed on a non-accessible tooth, like a wisdom tooth.

Pre-extraction Procedure

Before our dentist performs an extraction, they need to check the extent of the damage. This is done through an X-ray. Our dentists will also take your medical history so that we can ensure your overall condition is fit for the procedure.

Post-Extraction Advice

After the procedure, our dentist will guide the recovery process. This will include minimizing discomfort to reduce infection and hasten recovery. Our dentist will prescribe painkillers. They will also recommend an ice pack to put on the affected area to prevent swelling. Furthermore, strenuous mouth activity will not be recommended. Soft foods, like bread, will be recommended along with regular gurgling using a solution of half of a teaspoon of salt in warm water. Last but not least, the patient should avoid drinking from a straw as the suction can disturb the wound from healing.

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Our dentists at Fairmount Dental Center are qualified for all types of extractions and other dental procedures. We have created an environment where you can communicate with the staff openly about your desired procedure. Contact us at (503) 362-8364 now to book a dental exam for a dental extraction.

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Extraction is done to remove a tooth that has been affected by trauma or crowding. The procedure is simple enough. If a client comes to our clinic for extraction, our dentist will numb the area to lessen discomfort.
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