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Dental Implants Salem

Woman with hands on face smiling after getting Lumineers® from Fairmount Dental Center. How our teeth look can make a huge impact on our facial appearance. This is great for people with perfect teeth, but the reality is many of us lack perfect teeth. Teeth can vary in color, size, and they can become damaged. With Lumineers®, we can give you the appearance of perfect teeth. We can repair teeth that have been chipped, cracked, broken, have gaps, intrinsic stains, and other damage. Lumineers® are an ultra-thin porcelain veneer, patients love them because they require no shots, no drilling, and the placement of them is pain-free.

Lumineers® vs. Veneers

Traditional veneers are similar to Lumineers® in that, they are a porcelain shell that is customized to fit the look you want. They offer our patients many advantages in perfecting the look of their teeth. The biggest difference between veneers and Lumineers® is in the preparation of the natural teeth and the fitting of the porcelain shell. Traditional veneers require the natural tooth to be significantly altered in size and shape. This is a permanent alteration to the natural tooth. Even so, traditional veneers may be more appropriate for some patients.

Lumineers® Deliver Beautiful Results With a Process That Is Simple and Painless.

We can improve your smile in less time and with far more comfort than you think. Lumineers® do not require the reduction of the natural tooth in size or shape. We do not need to reduce or alter the shape of your natural tooth, no grinding, no needles, this is because Lumineers® are thinner, allowing us to place them with no preparation. Lumineers® are ultra-thin (about the size of a contact lens) and can be applied seamlessly over your teeth, no grinding, no needles., which is one of the reasons that they are the most requested veneer system in the world.

Not All Veneers Are the Same

Traditional veneers are thicker, requiring irreversible preparation of your tooth structure. Lumineers® eliminates the need for aggressive preparation and temporary caps, they are made quickly and applied at your second visit.

Patients Love Lumineers

Our patients love Lumineers® they provide beautiful results using a process that is simple and painless. Our team at Fairmount Dental Center can improve your smile in less time and with far more comfort than any other restoration procedure.

How Lumineers® Work

In just two easy visits, Dr. Luisa Snyder can improve your smile with Lumineers®.

1st Visit
At your first visit, we will review your teeth and discuss your options. For most patients who seek Lumineers®, we can make this possible. Dr. Snyder, a Lumineers® dentist in Salem, will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth creating a mold that will be sent to a dental lab. That’s it! No grinding down of your teeth, no temporary veneers, we take the impression and send you on your way. We will notify you when we have received your Lumineers®.

2nd Visit
With your Lumineers® ready, we will contact you for a second appointment. Dr. Luisa Snyder will begin with thoroughly cleaning your teeth to remove any harmful bacteria. Dr. Luisa Snyder will adhere your ultra thin porcelain Lumineers®. Before they are bonded, Dr. Luisa Snyder will check the fit and then she will moderately etched the tooth to help the two surfaces have a strong bond. Dr. Luisa Snyder will then check your bite ensuring your bite is balanced so as to avoid chipping your Lumineers® through daily function.

That's it. Lumineers® is that easy! In only two dental visits at our Salem, OR office, you can have a large variety of damage, gaps, and stains covered up and hidden. Your Lumineers® should last you several years if properly maintained, we will check the status of the bond during your regular dental checkups and make adjustments when needed.

Patient smiling before Lumineers®.
Patient smiling after getting brand new Lumineers® from Fairmount Dental Center.

Patient smiling with gaps in her teeth.
Patient smiling with brand new perfect Lumineers® from Fairmount Dental Center.

Patient smiling with discolored teeth.
Patient smiling with new white Lumineers® from Fairmount Dental Center.

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