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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?
Salem, OR

Image of dental implant placement, at Fairmount Dental Center in Salem, OR. More people are always asking about the cost of dental implants than about the dental implant success rate or postoperative pain. You indeed have a family to look after, and things may be challenging to enable you to juggle your needs. Contrary to what most people think, dental implants can be more affordable than most people know. It is important to consider the cost of dental implants as an investment rather than an expense. The average cost for dental implants can vary widely due to the type and quality of materials used, the complexity of a patient's case, and other additional costs.

At Fairmount Dental Center, our experienced staff are always here and happy to answer any of your questions concerning dental implants, as well as elaborate on the costs and payment structure. We have a flexible payment structure that suits those on a tight or limited budget to ensure we serve all of our patients well. We have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we give our clients value for their money.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small titanium post or screw placed inside the jawbone beneath the gum line using a surgical procedure. The titanium post will fuse with the jawbone to create a stable foundation that will enable restoration of the decayed, missing, or damaged tooth.

Dental implants are natural looking, and they can replace any missing tooth you may have. Dental implants never click or slip when you laugh, eat, or talk, compared to other tooth replacement options. They also help keep your jawbone healthy and ensure your facial structure remains intact. Dental implants are capable of lasting a lifetime with proper care. They have a success rate of 98%, making implants among the most reliable methods of replacing missing teeth permanently. They also help fix several oral health issues which saves you time and money in the long run.

Dental Implant Procedure

If you are considering having a dental implant, you are at the right place. Our dentists have many years of experience performing dental implant procedures with a high success rate. As our team has many years of success, below is the outlined process that you can expect when being considered for dental implants or receiving them.

Our dental specialist will carefully examine your teeth and mouth. If necessary, an x-ray will be taken of your jaw, head, and teeth to help identify if there is a need for dental implants and if they are right for you.

Local anesthesia will be administered to the patient to help prevent them from experiencing pain during the procedure. In the first stage of the procedure, our dentist will place the dental implant onto the jawbone below the gum tissue. The gum tissue will, after that, be stitched back to position. The implant will bond with the bone as the tissue heals and attaches to the gum. It will take a few months to heal.

In the second phase of surgery and after the tissue has healed, our dentist will attach the abutment to the implant. An abutment refers to a post connecting the implant to the replacement tooth. In some cases, the first and second surgery can be done in one stage.

An artificial tooth will be prepared and attached to the abutment. You will need another appointment to enable the artificial tooth to fit into the abutment.
When replacing all of your teeth, or several teeth, our dentists will anchor a fixed bridge to the dental implants. A bridge is a dental restoration replacing one or more decayed or missing teeth.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Both dentures and dental implants replace missing or decayed teeth. Our dentist will help assess your condition before you have any treatment and talk you through all of the available options. Here are the main differences between dentures and dental implants.

Treatment Time and Care

A dental implant treatment is comprised of two surgical procedures performed after administering a local anesthetic. After some time, the implant is initially inserted into the jawbone, and the dental crown is placed on top when the bone has fused with the jaw. Fitting dentures is a much faster procedure than fixing dental implants. Our dentist will take an impression of the patient's mouth to create dentures that fit nicely into their gums.


Dentures will need replacing every five to eight years. It is because the structure of the bone changes after some time; hence, dentures can get loose, making them not function properly and become uncomfortable. With dental implants, they can last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them. You must make regular follow-up appointments to ensure your dental implants are in a good position and secure.

Dental Implant FAQ

With our many years of experience, we have seen many patients for the dental implant procedure. Some of the more frequently asked questions our team receives include the following?

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Any person with a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can be a candidate for dental implants. Our team will assess each individual's candidacy during the examination phase.

Are Dental Implants Long Lasting?

Dental implants are never susceptible to diseases like decay compared to natural teeth. Gum health is vital to maintaining lasting dental implant success.

Are Dental Implants Removable?

Dental implants, once installed, cannot be removed. They are fully fixed into the jawbone, permanently replacing the missing tooth. They function and resemble the natural tooth in all ways.

Is the Dental Implant Procedure Painful?

The dental implant procedure is straightforward, and a local anesthetic is always administered to prevent the patient from pain. It is usual for one to experience some discomfort and mild pain. Our dentist will always recommend painkillers after the dental implant procedure to help with any pain a patient can experience. In most cases, patients report the dental implant procedure was never painful.

While you are still weighing your options, it is always a great idea to visit Fairmount Dental Center. Here, we have a team of professionals who will assist you in making the right decision. They will take their time to explain how much a dental implant procedure costs, the payment plans available, and the entire procedure. Our staff is always available and happy to answer questions. We offer same-day appointments for your convenience. Do not hesitate to call us today at (503) 362-8364.
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